Sunday, April 1, 2012

Project C4T#3

In this blog post,the Dorothy Burt's students were invited to publish a reflection on their personal blogs about their first year of having their own digital device. There were 90 children from Years 5-8 chosen to respond publicly. For the most part all of them enjoyed having this device. There were some pros such as: it is easier to type then write, I can correct my errors and keep my work clean, I enjoy writing now. There were also cons: The battery died fast, the internet did not work correctly all the time. Most of the children agreed they liked it better then pencil and paper.

I did agree with the teacher by having the children use netbooks in the classroom. Technology is being used everyday around us. Most of the children know how to use cellphones, computers, and other devices better then parents. I believe using technology is a great way to learn. When I was in school I hated writing. Now I type everything, this makes it easier to see my errors and fix them with no mess. As a future educator, I want to find ways to use technology in my classroom.

Got a Blog? Make a book!
In this blog post, Dorothy Burt talked about turning a blog page into a book. At first I thought this was a strange idea. After reading why she did it I realized this was a great opportunity for everyone. As a beginner blogger I do not know how to do all of the things to make an excellent blog page. This class has taught me many different things about blogging. I hope to continue blogging and learning from other blog pages. I think it is great to be able to use technology such as this to communicate and learn from others. I will be teaching my future students how to blog efficiently and to learn as well. I hope to someday be able to print my blog page and make it into a book for others to read. Although the multimedia part of the blog will not work in the book, text is just as important. This idea is great for sharing your accomplishments with family and friends.

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  1. Kia ora Magan, Thank you so muh for taking the time to visit my blog and leave thoughtful feedback both on my blog and in this post. I can see that you have gained a lot from the experiences offered as part of this course. It is not just the many facets of technology you get to experience; it is the global networks you have the opportunity to develop that make this course so enriching. I do hope you make the most of this time and that when you begin your career and implement these new ideas that you also make time to continue interacting with your global network.

    Wishing you all the best

    Auckland, NZ