Sunday, April 22, 2012

C4K Summary for April

Hannah's Blog Post "Make it Global"

In this blog post, Hannah talks about how the children of Africa die daily from malnutrition, pneumonia, and others. I found it touching that a child her age unselfishly thought about others. I see many children these days in America focused on what they want instead of putting others first. When I was around her age I thought only about Magan not knowing what was going on around the world. As I got older I took part in organizations that focused on helping others in need which changed my view. As a young adult I hope to start a group of my own that will teach kids about giving back at a younger age. While watching television I have come across many infomercials about the children in Africa struggling to survive. Some of them show such gruesome pictures that make me cry. I hope she will continue to think about others and ways to make a difference and inspire others like herself to do so also.

On Hannah's second blog post assignment she made a prezi on her tourist attraction. The place she picked was Los Angeles, California. She stated that there were many different attractions in this city. The place she liked the most was Universal Studios. I personally would have picked this as my first choice. Unfortunately I have never been to the one in California but I have been to the one in Florida. I like this park because the stimulation rides are awesome and the 3D effect makes you feel like you are in the picture. Secondly, she mentioned Santa Monica Pier which I have only seen in movies. There is also Disney Land, I do not understand the difference between Land and World. She also enjoyed shopping, and walking around Hollywood which I am sure was exciting. I was very impressed with her prezi skills since I could not figure it out. I have been to LA but I was too young to remember. After watching her prezi I want to plan a trip to go soon.

On week five challenge Hannah was asked to create a photo gallery. For her photo gallery she decided to use pictures of polar bears. When I first seen the polar bear picture I thought of the Coke commercials during Christmas time. Polar bears are such beautiful large animals. The difference between them and regular bears is that they live in a very cold environment. I wonder how thick there coat of fur really is to keep them from freezing in those extremely low temperatures. I asked Hannah whether or not she lives in a cold town. I think she picked some excellent pictures for her gallery.

Tyrese's New Shoes
For my last comments for kids Ms. Jenny She’s student Tyrese posted a picture about his new pair of shoes. At first I was exited because I love shoes. Above the picture there was a sentence. It said, “My mom bought me these for being a good boy.” When I was in school my mom gave me new things every time my report card came out and I had A’s & B’s. This helped me to keep up the good work. I hope that more parents become involved and help push there children to achieve and do good things. When children are awarded instead of ignored for doing good things it helps them to want to do more and continue to make their family proud.


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