Sunday, April 29, 2012

Project PLN final

In my final PLN I have changed a lot around. For my first PLN I was so focused on filling up the whole thing rather than focusing on what I really use. I have deleted many tiles that where not important. I hope to continue working on my pln using it often and changing it as I progress. Through this class I have learned that being organize and keeping things together is key. Hopefully when I get the hand of this I will be able to use it with my class

Blog Post 13

When I first read this blog post assignment I thought my whole world was going to collapse. No technology is that even possible for me it was not. Throughout this week I have used every source of media you can think of. When I was a kid I went out and played four-square, jump rope, and other outside activities. I received my first cellular device in the 6th grade and that’s where it began. I began gossiping more than often this was before texting was invented. Around that time I also began to watch more television. That became the biggest problem for me I would stay up all night watching cartoons if I could. Still to this day I watch more television than an average adult.
I have realized that when I am bored instead of reaching for a good book I look for the remote and my phone. It makes my mother so mad when she sees the cellular device constantly being checked or at use. She threatens to throw it out often. There are so many reasons I did not complete this task. One I was constantly keeping in touch with my project member. Two I have has projects due in other classes because it is close to finals. Lastly, because of my birthday was this weekend and I did not want to miss any phone calls. I think if we took technology away from children it would feel strange but they will be fine. Some of these students are so eager to learn and as long as the teacher keeps them interested things will work out. This was a great experience and in the future I will try to successfully do this.

no technolgy

Project C4T#4

Technology in Schools Is a Fad. Trust Me.

In this blog post, Mr. Smith gives a sarcastic post about technology being a fad. He states that technology is the “next big thing” like automobiles, fire, batteries, and more. He jokingly says that these things never caught on and neither will technology. Being in
EDM 310 has taught me many different was to use technology efficiently in my future classroom. I believe that instead of many teachers running from technology and labeling it as a fad they should embrace it. Technology is being used everyday in ever way and if teachers don’t get with it they will be lost. Most of today’s communication is via email. As a society we have come a long way from many different changes. What if cars, ink, paper, copiers and other really important things educators need on a daily base were not invented how would your classroom change? Change is apart of life therefore I believe people should just go with it.

Society Has Gotten Too Fast.
In this my last comments for teaching blog post, Mr. Smith writes about society moving way to fast. He basically is telling us that we never stop to smell the cookies or flowers. We are constantly on the go doing the most we can possibly do in a day. I thought back on how my years have been flying by. I recently turned 21 and has yet to realize time is going way to fast. I know I have lazy days but I am constantly checking my phone or watching television. He mentioned that we should pick at least 2 hours where you are doing something that does not relate technology. He picked jogging as his free activity. Mine would be shopping.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blog Post 12

1. Watch Using Smartboards in the Classroom
Write a post in which you discuss how you as a future educator can use the smart board in your classroom.
2. Watch Kindergarten Interactive White Board Use
Write a one paragraph post in which you will discuss your thoughts about Mrs. Arslanian video of her kindergarteners interacting with the smart board. .

When I was in school we did not have many smart boards. Most of our work was done on dry erase boards. Sometimes it was difficult to understand the teacher handwriting. In many class we used projection screens with power points but not in math. Math to most people is the hardest subject to teach and learn. In college I took a math class that was done on power point and it was very confusing to most of the students. Although I am very good in math I had to go home and re-teach the lesson to myself. When I took calculus in college we used a smart board. It was so amazing the teacher was able to have outlines of problems while working them out on the screen. It made it easier to see and learn. I believe if you can use smart boards in math they are easily used in any subjects.

After watching Kindergarten Interactive White Board Use I was amazed at how excited the kids were. As a future educator I will love to see how my students interact in the class and enjoy learning. Smart boards are very useful in the classroom in today's society. By connecting the computer to the board you can do almost everything. Most of the teachers today do not know how to use the boards and feel that they are just a waste of money. I believe if teachers will take the time to learn all the different things you can do on them it will broaden there learning abilities. Using technology efficiently creates better teachers and happier students.


Post progress report on Final Project

Sarah and I have discussed several video ideas for our final project. We have not fully decided out of our many choices what our final idea will be. Sarah posted on one of her blog post about making a video on how to schedule EDM work throughout the week and Dr. Strange commented by saying, "That would be a great idea for the final project." We have also discussed a "How To..?" video on one of the tools we have learned to use. If anyone has any comments on which one we should use, please feel free to comment. Thanks in Advance.


Creativity and Curiosity: My Thoughts - Special Post #12A.


I agree that schools in the United States systematically destroy the development of curiosity and creativity in students. I believe the first thing that is restricting kids from creativity is politics. When you look into the school system you see that it is being ran by politics that have no clue how to run a classroom. Such as Bush’s project “No Kids Left Behind.” Although I believe no kids should be left behind all kids are not equal. Another reason I believe curiosity and creativity is taking out of the class room is because some of the administrators and teachers are stuck in the past. They are really upset that the technology industry is growing so rapidly. Instead of finding ways to use it efficiently in the classroom they ban it.
I believe there should be technology seminars for all teachers to keep them updated with the rapid progression of technology. This will show teachers new ways of teaching in their classroom while using technology. If teachers would start adding lessons that use technology they will develop a curriculum that increases the curiosity and creativity of their students. I believe the key component to increasing curiosity would be using things such as social networks in an educational way. A prime example of this would be blogging. While being in EDM 310 I have learned so much about technology and things we can use on the internet.
When kids become curious they begin to use their creativity. I believe that most children are still curious about a lot of things but adults are not playing their part. Teachers and parents are the most influential people in a child’s life. Therefore, I believe if they will take the time to answer curious questions students will become more creative. As a future teacher I will use what I learned in this class to help bring out the creativity in all my students. If schools and teachers fully supported the new technology, and try everything they can to make sure our school stays up to date on new techniques and products things will change.

C4K Summary for April

Hannah's Blog Post "Make it Global"

In this blog post, Hannah talks about how the children of Africa die daily from malnutrition, pneumonia, and others. I found it touching that a child her age unselfishly thought about others. I see many children these days in America focused on what they want instead of putting others first. When I was around her age I thought only about Magan not knowing what was going on around the world. As I got older I took part in organizations that focused on helping others in need which changed my view. As a young adult I hope to start a group of my own that will teach kids about giving back at a younger age. While watching television I have come across many infomercials about the children in Africa struggling to survive. Some of them show such gruesome pictures that make me cry. I hope she will continue to think about others and ways to make a difference and inspire others like herself to do so also.

On Hannah's second blog post assignment she made a prezi on her tourist attraction. The place she picked was Los Angeles, California. She stated that there were many different attractions in this city. The place she liked the most was Universal Studios. I personally would have picked this as my first choice. Unfortunately I have never been to the one in California but I have been to the one in Florida. I like this park because the stimulation rides are awesome and the 3D effect makes you feel like you are in the picture. Secondly, she mentioned Santa Monica Pier which I have only seen in movies. There is also Disney Land, I do not understand the difference between Land and World. She also enjoyed shopping, and walking around Hollywood which I am sure was exciting. I was very impressed with her prezi skills since I could not figure it out. I have been to LA but I was too young to remember. After watching her prezi I want to plan a trip to go soon.

On week five challenge Hannah was asked to create a photo gallery. For her photo gallery she decided to use pictures of polar bears. When I first seen the polar bear picture I thought of the Coke commercials during Christmas time. Polar bears are such beautiful large animals. The difference between them and regular bears is that they live in a very cold environment. I wonder how thick there coat of fur really is to keep them from freezing in those extremely low temperatures. I asked Hannah whether or not she lives in a cold town. I think she picked some excellent pictures for her gallery.

Tyrese's New Shoes
For my last comments for kids Ms. Jenny She’s student Tyrese posted a picture about his new pair of shoes. At first I was exited because I love shoes. Above the picture there was a sentence. It said, “My mom bought me these for being a good boy.” When I was in school my mom gave me new things every time my report card came out and I had A’s & B’s. This helped me to keep up the good work. I hope that more parents become involved and help push there children to achieve and do good things. When children are awarded instead of ignored for doing good things it helps them to want to do more and continue to make their family proud.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blog Post 11

Little Kids...Big Potential
In this video first grade teacher Kathy Cassidy shares her approach to use technology in the classroom. In this video her first grade class explains to us how they as six year- olds use technology. The first thing they talk about is blogging. As a college student I did not know anything about blogging until I enrolled in EDM 310. My sister whom is three years younger than me had to explain to me how to use and what was the purpose. It amazes me how much these six year olds although enjoying writing in books like blogging just as well. They enjoy that other people get to see what they are doing and can comment on the work they post on their blog. It amazes me at this young age how well they know how to use technology and was using those laptops like they were grown ups.
Mrs. Cassidy uses blogs to help the children with their writing skills and as a portfolio of their progress throughout the year. She also teaches them how to use the internet safely and to keep their personal information limited. I love the fact that she allows her students to pick a subject of their choice to work on everyday. Mrs. Cassidy is teaching her first graders how to research things on the internet by using Wiki. I love the fact she uses group video projects that teach them how to work together while using technology. I believe every teacher should start using more technology in the classroom.

Kathy Cassidy Skype Interview
In the Skype interview between Dr. Strange and Mrs. Cassidy, Cassidy answered many questions and gave tips for future educators. The most important tip she gave was to start developing our online networking system. Before this class I already had a facebook, twittter, and many more social networks log-ins. She also states that we should use tools that we find interesting such as Youtube for videos and Flickr for pictures. When I am in my elementary classroom I hope to use several of the same tools Mrs. Cassidy use with her students. I believe blogging is a wonderful way to teach students communicating, writing, sharing, and researching skills in an interesting way. Blogging introduces students to many changes of culture, levels and more. I really want to technology to be a part of my daily lesson plan as an educator. I believe that since technology is around us, why not use it as a way to educate our students, while allowing them to have some fun.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Blog Post 10

Do you Teach or Do you Educate?
to educate

Starting off my Journey I did not want to be an educator. As a little girl I always wanted to be a doctor and help people. Even when I got to college I was stuck on that track of mind. Suddenly it hit me, I thought, “Is this what I truly want to spend the rest of my life doing:” In my heart I believe my true career was always there. I have always told my mom after her sickness “I want to help people.” Being a naive young woman I did not think about the other ways I can do so. I see many children that look like they just want someone to listen to them.
Being very active in the Youth department at church, I have been around different age groups. It puts a smile on my face every time I say something that makes them smile. I plan to educate by being not only a teacher but a counselor, and a friend. I see many teachers today that focus on lecturing boring notes rather than getting to know students. There are so many parents out there that are ignoring children instead of reaching out to them. Being noticed and having someone listen when they talk makes a child feel special. Every time I see a child I ask them questions such as “How was your day?”, or “How was school?” I want to be that teacher that put there students learning abilities before the state standards. There are a lot of children just crying for attention and looking for it in the wrong place. I feel if the parents are not taking there part the teacher should try to help ease the situation.

Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home

In the post “Don’t Let Them Take the Pencils Home” there is an argument about why kids should not take them home. I believe Mr. Johnson’s approach to the situation was very well thought of. Instead of making a big fuss about the situation he thought of a more reasonable way to tackle it. Gertrude, the School Curriculum Instructional Interventionist Academic Specialists argues that taking pencils home result to low test scores. How is this true? I believe Tom was right to question Gertrude’s statement after reading one research. I believe that even a game such as hangman can be used as a learning opportunity rather then a waste of time. This game could be easily used as a vocabulary and spelling lesson.
It was funny how he fought the argument with sarcastic reasons, making Gertrude think about what she was saying. Such as not taking pencils home because they will stab themselves in the scrotum or damage of property. This was an excellent way to argue with someone and put them in there place. I think Tom believes that if students can take bubble test using a pencil they should be able to entertain themselves also. Things will not just happen magically why not as future educators we find ways children can learn at home as well as in school and enjoy doing so.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blog Post 9

What I've Learned 2009

In Joe McClung’s blog post, “What I’ve Learned”, he shares his experience on what he has learned about teaching in the classroom for his first year. In his essay, he mentioned key ideas for beginning teachers. His first thought was telling us to read the crowd; many teachers today only think about what is best for them. As a future teacher I hope to always think about what is best for my students. Secondly, he tells us as teachers we should be flexible. Growing up has taught me that things do not always go as planned. Change is always good. Thirdly, we learned that communication is very important but is the hardest skill to develop. Fourthly, he talks about being reasonable by not setting our expectations to high.
He tells us to don’t be afraid of technology. While being in EDM 310 I have learned great ways to use technology efficiently in my future classroom. Listening to students is very important. Sometimes all children want is to be heard and giving attention. I believe the bond between students and teachers reflect how a student learns in the classroom. Lastly, never stop learning. I believe this goes for any field. I had the pleasure of having a college professor whom was also a psychologist. He told us he has numerous degrees and is constantly taking classes to learn more. I believe the only way you can keep up with this world is to continue learning. Things are changing rapidly and we have to learn new things to make it in this fast
moving life.

teaching banner

What I've Learned 2011

In this blog post McClung talks about his third year of being a positive teacher although faced with many changes. He has gotten comfortable with what he is doing and how to do it the best way he can. He has learned that being an outsider comes with many benefits. He has also learned that everything should be centered on the students. Sometimes teachers will be so worried about serving the administrators that they forget why they are teaching. One thing that stuck out to me was “don’t touch the keyboard”. This made me think back to recently when I was child sitting. My neighbor’s son is in the third grade. One day I was watching him and he had a black history project to do. His task was to look up facts about Jackie Robinson, and put it on the poster board. His mom told me if I could, to get him started. As a college student I wanted so bad to help him when I saw him writing with a pencil all tacky on the board. I left out the room and told him I will be back in ten minutes to see his progress. When I got back he was finish. When his mom came home she was excited to hear that I got him to do his project all by himself. From that moment I felt like I accomplished something.
This just shows that sometimes you have to sit back and let the students struggle to teach them success. Lastly, he talks about not becoming comfortable. Looking inward I can tell that a teaching routine can get boring. As a teacher he learned quickly to become involved in different things to make his time enjoyable. As educators, teachers should be willing to be “movers and shakers” and exceed the traditional demands. I look forward to learning how to change and become an excellent teacher. Reading McClung’s posts have taught me many things that will help me become a great teacher.

Project C4T#3

In this blog post,the Dorothy Burt's students were invited to publish a reflection on their personal blogs about their first year of having their own digital device. There were 90 children from Years 5-8 chosen to respond publicly. For the most part all of them enjoyed having this device. There were some pros such as: it is easier to type then write, I can correct my errors and keep my work clean, I enjoy writing now. There were also cons: The battery died fast, the internet did not work correctly all the time. Most of the children agreed they liked it better then pencil and paper.

I did agree with the teacher by having the children use netbooks in the classroom. Technology is being used everyday around us. Most of the children know how to use cellphones, computers, and other devices better then parents. I believe using technology is a great way to learn. When I was in school I hated writing. Now I type everything, this makes it easier to see my errors and fix them with no mess. As a future educator, I want to find ways to use technology in my classroom.

Got a Blog? Make a book!
In this blog post, Dorothy Burt talked about turning a blog page into a book. At first I thought this was a strange idea. After reading why she did it I realized this was a great opportunity for everyone. As a beginner blogger I do not know how to do all of the things to make an excellent blog page. This class has taught me many different things about blogging. I hope to continue blogging and learning from other blog pages. I think it is great to be able to use technology such as this to communicate and learn from others. I will be teaching my future students how to blog efficiently and to learn as well. I hope to someday be able to print my blog page and make it into a book for others to read. Although the multimedia part of the blog will not work in the book, text is just as important. This idea is great for sharing your accomplishments with family and friends.

C4K Summary for March

Class Blog on Titanic
The world's interest in the fascinating history of Titanic has endured for 100 years. April 15, 2012 will mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic ship and although it has been a century since the infamous luxury liner sank in the Atlantic Ocean, there continues to be a thirst for information regarding Titanic facts, myths and legends.
In this blog post, Simon McLoughlin's 4th grade class wrote facts on the Titanic. It was interesting because Brandon told me the exact day and time the Titanic sunk.
When the Titanic embarked on her maiden voyage the world was filled with hope and awe. In just a few short days those emotions turned to horror and grief. When the ship sank, the lives of both the famous and the unknown were lost as well.
I was happy to read about this because the movie will be returning to theaters on April 4th in 3D. The movie Titanic was originally released in December 1997. Although this is a very long movie I will be there to see it. This movie which is based on the true event is very touching, with a love story that will touch your heart. I hope everyone goes to see it again.

 picture of the titantic