Sunday, April 29, 2012

Project C4T#4

Technology in Schools Is a Fad. Trust Me.

In this blog post, Mr. Smith gives a sarcastic post about technology being a fad. He states that technology is the “next big thing” like automobiles, fire, batteries, and more. He jokingly says that these things never caught on and neither will technology. Being in
EDM 310 has taught me many different was to use technology efficiently in my future classroom. I believe that instead of many teachers running from technology and labeling it as a fad they should embrace it. Technology is being used everyday in ever way and if teachers don’t get with it they will be lost. Most of today’s communication is via email. As a society we have come a long way from many different changes. What if cars, ink, paper, copiers and other really important things educators need on a daily base were not invented how would your classroom change? Change is apart of life therefore I believe people should just go with it.

Society Has Gotten Too Fast.
In this my last comments for teaching blog post, Mr. Smith writes about society moving way to fast. He basically is telling us that we never stop to smell the cookies or flowers. We are constantly on the go doing the most we can possibly do in a day. I thought back on how my years have been flying by. I recently turned 21 and has yet to realize time is going way to fast. I know I have lazy days but I am constantly checking my phone or watching television. He mentioned that we should pick at least 2 hours where you are doing something that does not relate technology. He picked jogging as his free activity. Mine would be shopping.

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