Friday, May 4, 2012

Project 13

My partner and I collaborated on both Project 15 and 16. We have been partners since the first group project and work very well together thanks to you choosing groups. For project 15 we used different ways to communicate without being face to face. We used Google docs to discuss our projects and come up with written lesson plans and final projects options. Google docs made it easy to brainstorm and discuss our ideas. We also used Google Presentation to come up with a slide show to figure out what order we would do our project. For the final project we emailed and texted back and forth to come up with meeting times. For the final project we used imovie and screenflow. Imovie was fairly easy to use but we were not familiar with screenflow. Overall this was a great activity. There were pros and cons to not communicating face to face with partners. The pros are that getting everyone to meet at one time is always difficult. Some cons are it made it difficult to figure out what each other was talking about in a clear way.