Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blog Post 13

When I first read this blog post assignment I thought my whole world was going to collapse. No technology is that even possible for me it was not. Throughout this week I have used every source of media you can think of. When I was a kid I went out and played four-square, jump rope, and other outside activities. I received my first cellular device in the 6th grade and that’s where it began. I began gossiping more than often this was before texting was invented. Around that time I also began to watch more television. That became the biggest problem for me I would stay up all night watching cartoons if I could. Still to this day I watch more television than an average adult.
I have realized that when I am bored instead of reaching for a good book I look for the remote and my phone. It makes my mother so mad when she sees the cellular device constantly being checked or at use. She threatens to throw it out often. There are so many reasons I did not complete this task. One I was constantly keeping in touch with my project member. Two I have has projects due in other classes because it is close to finals. Lastly, because of my birthday was this weekend and I did not want to miss any phone calls. I think if we took technology away from children it would feel strange but they will be fine. Some of these students are so eager to learn and as long as the teacher keeps them interested things will work out. This was a great experience and in the future I will try to successfully do this.

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