Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blog Post 12

1. Watch Using Smartboards in the Classroom
Write a post in which you discuss how you as a future educator can use the smart board in your classroom.
2. Watch Kindergarten Interactive White Board Use
Write a one paragraph post in which you will discuss your thoughts about Mrs. Arslanian video of her kindergarteners interacting with the smart board. .

When I was in school we did not have many smart boards. Most of our work was done on dry erase boards. Sometimes it was difficult to understand the teacher handwriting. In many class we used projection screens with power points but not in math. Math to most people is the hardest subject to teach and learn. In college I took a math class that was done on power point and it was very confusing to most of the students. Although I am very good in math I had to go home and re-teach the lesson to myself. When I took calculus in college we used a smart board. It was so amazing the teacher was able to have outlines of problems while working them out on the screen. It made it easier to see and learn. I believe if you can use smart boards in math they are easily used in any subjects.

After watching Kindergarten Interactive White Board Use I was amazed at how excited the kids were. As a future educator I will love to see how my students interact in the class and enjoy learning. Smart boards are very useful in the classroom in today's society. By connecting the computer to the board you can do almost everything. Most of the teachers today do not know how to use the boards and feel that they are just a waste of money. I believe if teachers will take the time to learn all the different things you can do on them it will broaden there learning abilities. Using technology efficiently creates better teachers and happier students.


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  1. Magan,

    You are right. SMART Boards should be used to their full advantages.