Friday, March 9, 2012

Blog Post 7

Wendy Drexler: The Networked Studentt

In the Wendy Drexler video The Networked Student, you can see how networking is a great way for student to learn. Her high school students completed an amazing very interesting project. This project was a way for them to enjoy learning. Technology will be the base of all learning now. Most students will go to the computer before looking up something in a book. We as future educators should teach our youth how to use different websites on the internet. Teaching our students how to be computer literate enables them to find information and connect with others. It amazes me what all we can do with technology. I remember when the only way we could find out things was through boring books and talking to teachers. By using the internet even shy students will be able to stay in contact with many different people. Students will be able to get in touch with scientist, doctors, and more. As a future teacher I have learned that most of my teaching will be teaching our students how to use the internet efficiently. I want to be able to teach my students how to be independent, responsible learners. I am all for changing the way we learn. I think back to high school when I dreaded going to history. I never saw the point of the class. We lectured every day and did one long research paper as a project. I want to find ways for my students to enjoy all subjects and use technology to keep them interested. Communicating with other classroom and making big projects with others all across the world and changing ideas sounds like a great plan.



A 7th grade student shows us how she uses her PLE, Personal Learning Environment in a video. She created her PLN using Symbaloo, which is the same site I used to create my PLN. She has hers well organized with everything convent for her use. It was amazing what all she included in her PLN. All the information she needed for different projects were there. I believe that your PLN changes as your life goes. There will be things you need everyday and things you will only use once. I believe using this method in the classroom will make it interesting to get the class involve. They will enjoy changing the colors and organizing the tiles. I think this will be an easy way for parents, and teachers to teach there kid how to use the internet at a young age. Furthermore, I believe PLN is a tool to help students become responsible, independent learners with technology.


  1. Hi there Magan! Your blog post was lovely to read and I agree with you about technology being incorporated into the school. I just have two criticisms in your blog post.I think you should re-read your blog posts before you summit them. For example, "Getting students to find information has use to be very hard", this particular sentence did not make sense to me. Also check for run on sentences. Other than those minor errors, I thought your writing was smooth and easy to read. I also like the font you chose!

    I was definitely like you in high school, always bored while the teacher lectured. I feel that we as educators should allow our students to use technology and also educate them so our students can be success in their futures.

    I wish you all the luck in EDM310 and in your future educational courses.


  2. Thanks Emilie, I understand what you were talking about. I have corrected some of the major errors.

  3. Magan,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog posts. I agree that we should learn ourselves more about technology so that we can one day use it to better the future learning environment and lives of our own students. I too used symbaloo to create my PLN as well. Keep up the great work girl!

    -Kate :)