Friday, March 9, 2012

Project 10 PLN

First Progress Report
By using Symbaloo I created my first PLN. At first I did not know what the purpose of this project was. I have heard about Pinterest from a friend and it remeinded me of it. I never understood that site so I did not use it. When I was filling in the blanks I did not know what I was adding. After thinking about what mold me and my likes it became easy. Before I knew it I had covered the entire thing with more ideas in my head. The things that I use the most are all included such as; shopping places, Facebook, twitter, calculators and more.I have listed my schools where I am in contact with some teachers. This was an amazing opportunity for me to organize all the things I use the most at my fingertips. I will continue changing and rearranging my Webmix and pass it on to my friends.

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