Friday, March 9, 2012

project 3 C4T#2

Learning Theory is not Pedagogy
In this blog, Mr. Kruse talks about a Theories of learning. The one he focused on was Constructivism. I disagree with this type of teaching because I believe it is not fair. Constructivism talks about the desire a leaner has to lean new material. Most young people today are lazy. I sit back and watch how the desire to do things they want and most do not include education. The youth now only focus on fast money not finding something that will help in the long run. A lot of the youth today are very intelligent but do not take the time to educate themselves. Therefore, I believe us as parents, family, educators to not just let them learn what they desire but to push them into bigger things. I am not saying push them into things they do not like, but show them how to be well rounded. I believe every child has a chance to do anything but if they do not know they will not desire.
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Preservice Teachers as Users and Producers of Technology
In this blog post, Mr. Kruse talks about technology in the classroom. When reading this post I thought about our class. In EDM 310 we as future educators are doing exactly what Mr. Kruse wants. He wants all teachers to be able to use the technology we have in our classroom. Before entering this classroom I thought I knew all I needed to know about technology. I was wrong! I have learned things I have never knew existed. Such as: Blogs, Podcast, PLN,s, and more. Because technology is evolving so rapidly I believe not just educators but everyone should know how to use these things. This class is amazing and I look forward to learning more about what technology can bring to my future classroom.

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