Wednesday, February 29, 2012

C4K Summary for February

Yengshi's Blog
Class Blog
My first comment for kid was a student named Yengshi. He wrote a scary story about him and his friends going down a dirt road. They became lost and passed by an old, empty house with a loud screeching sound. They were able to get away after finding a gas station nearby. The man at the station told them that a lady died in front of the house. I told him about my experience going down a dirt road and getting lost. Also, I mentioned he should have added a scarier part to the story by having the ghost of the lady appear. It was a great story and I enjoyed the pictures that helped you visualize the story.

Sill's Blog
My second comment for kid was a student named Sill. He wrote down some of the spells he remembered from his favorite movies Harry Potter. I have seen all the movies and do not remember one spell. It amazes me how incredible some of these kids are. The spell that stood out to me was Episkey it means to heal someone. I have no powers but seeing people suffer hurts me and to lift them from the pain would be awesome. Although, the series is over I will continue supporting and watching all of the movies over again.

Anna's Amazing learners
My third comment for kid was a classroom of five- years old from New Zealand. They were such amazing five-years old because they knew many vegetables. At their school they have a Kitchen Garden where they grow many vegetables. In this post they showed pictures of onions, tomatoes, potatoes, and a pumpkin. What amazed me the most was their zucchini. I know many adults that do not know what a zucchini is and definitely do not know it is a vegetable. They had big smiles on their faces which made me excited because they are learning things outside of the classroom and enjoying it.

Lol Pics
My fourth comment for kid was a student in the fifth grade. He decided to write a poem on his messy room. What astonished me the most was he was able to rhyme within his poem. Reading this post reminded me of my younger sister. My mom fuss and write notes everyday about clothes being on the floor. In his poem he talks about how toys were on the floor and his mom screaming as loud as she can. His ending was great because he was being honest by saying,
"The reason I like my messy room,

With stuff
laying all over,

Is because
I’m too lazy to use

A broom."

picture of kids


  1. Hello Magan,

    When you provide the source for images you need to have the actual source where the picture can be found, not just "google" or "google images." Google is only the search engine that you use to find the images.

    Before you post you need to remember to check for grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. Take this sentence for example:
    "They were such amazing 5 years old because they new many vegetables."
    Five-year-olds. Knew.
    "I know many adults that do not know what a zucchini is and defiantly not know it is a vegetable."
    defiantly --> definitely
    The last half of this sentence is worded oddly. I would add a pronoun (they) before definitely and also "do" before not. It's a way of balancing the sentence. And then add a comma before and.

    If you read what you've written out loud you will catch most of those things. It also helps if you type your posts in a Word Document because it catches minor issues with spelling and grammar.

  2. Thanks for the comment I did correct the mistakes you pointed out.