Friday, February 10, 2012

Project 3 C4T#1

A Unique Way of Keeping Track of Reality
Jenna's Blog

Perception is the Key to Survival

In this blog post Jenna Bentley talks about how we as people look at the wrong in our lives such, as a problems instead of just living. She talked about a man name Pi and how he was devoted to his religion and fought for his life daily. He loved his life and only focused on living for his family and God. Things changed when he almost did not make it. He was on a life boat mentally giving up and lost his will to fight. She talked about how we as humans get tired of fighting and want to give up. Pi received his second chance from the greater power therefore we all should believe. From my personal experience I have hit a rock in my life. At first I did not know what to do but things are slowly falling in place. I have learned that change is not giving up it is making life fit you. I believe in second changes and I will continue to fight and be strong because giving up to me is weakness and I am not weak.

Recipe For Defeating Fear
In this blog post Jenna Bentley talks about how Pi defeated his fear. Defeating fear has always been a struggle for me. Unlike Pi I try to find ways to back out of things thinking about what could go wrong. I would love to be as strong as Pi and make a decision to survive. I enjoyed reading about Pi and it gave me courage to move on. When I made the decision to transfer to South I was scared. Instead of thinking about what was best for me I thought about what people would think. I stressed myself out going back and forth with what to do. Finally, I conquered my fear and realized that this is my life. I am the one that has to live with the choices I make and I made one.
Pi's Book

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