Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blog Post 4

the Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom by Joe Dale
In this blog post, teacher Joe Dale shares a video provided by YouTube on the Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom. It talked about the most beneficial points for introducing podcasting in the classroom. Podcasting is a good way to interact with students outside the classroom. Podcasting is an innovative way for educators to engage students with project based learning environments. Technology is the source of all leaning, therefore, different technology-based programs should be used when teaching students. Another great benefit of podcasting is that it allows parents to interact with their children and know what they are doing in the classroom. While, being a student at the University of Alabama most of my professors used podcasting which made it easier for me to obtain the information learned in class.

Judy Scharf Podcast Collection
Judy on her blog post explains to us, what is podcasting and where it came from? Within her collection there is a video showing step-by-step instructions on how to create a podcast using Audacity. She gives ideas on projects and time schedules. She tells you the required materials such as a microphone, computer, and free software. She briefly explains the benefits of podcasting in education and the tips for succeeding. Judy has provide a lot of information on podcasting, and her information is very helpful to someone who has never done a podcast before.

Flat Stanley
On Silvia Tolisanso’s blog she provided resourses on teaching techniques. One of her classroom activities was Flat Stanley. After listening I was amazed at how incredible those first grade students were. They seemed so exited about learning in that manner. The Flat Stanley project is a project where students mail out Stanley, a paper boy, to different places around the world. The person that receives him takes him around and takes pictures of every event. The students then discuss their Stanley’s adventure to the class. I have had the pleasure to meet a Stanley. A lady at church granddaughter sent her Stanley to Mobile. He went to church, to the Exploreum, and many other places. I thought it was weird at first a 60yr old woman walking around with a paper boy! After finding out what it was for I thought it was an amazing activity. Most students never see outside of their own city, to be able to see the world through a project is amazing.


  1. Hi Magan. I can always tell the elementary education majors. You guys have such cute and colorful sites, which will be terrific for your students. The Stanley project sounded hysterically funny and downright cute. I can just see a 60-year-old woman taking pictures with a paper boy! I would proof my posts a bit more. In Flat Stanley, you wrote recourses and I am sure you meant resources. And I think Stanley's should either be Stanleys' or better yet change to Stanley adventures (plural).

  2. Hello Magan,

    Don't worry about the "Stanley's" comment. The way you have it is fine. Good job.