Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blog Post 2

Did You Know? 3.0
I Realize that technology is changing our world so quickly. I did not realize that things were changing as fast as they actually are. English is progressing very fast around the world. In my sophomore year I had a Japanese roommate. It was such an awesome experience she only was my roommate for 3 weeks. She took an english program, although her engilsh was not great she was learning very fast. I realized while at the University how many Asisans and Indians were enrolled and most of them spoke english better then people i knew.
It is amazing how technology is allowing us to talk to many different people from all the across the world. When I was in six grade I recieved my first cellauar device. Most of the time I just used it to contact my parents after school programs. Now I can do so much with this little device such as emails, transfer money, with the touch of a finger. Now I meet five year olds walking around with cell phones and knows how to use them better then I do. It is amazing how my students will not know much about how to look in an actual book to find things and how to do basic math without a caculator. As stated in Did You Know things will continue to progress even more as technology gets bigger.

Mr. Winkle Wakes
While watching this video I stumble upon the the date. It is February 3, 2012 this video was made in 2008. If Mr. Wrinkle woke up today he would be totally amazed. Four years ago things were just starting off. Of course jobs and hospital were the first place to pick up most of the "machines" meaning technology. Now Things are progressing faster then ever. I recently attended The University of Alabama where technology was every where. The whole university meaning everywhere on campus contained many Mac computers. Looking up the prices I have realized those are the most expensive computers out there. Every teacher owned an Ipad, there were enough computers on campus for every freshmen to use. To take quizzes and for student participation we used clickers just another form of technology.
One of my church members is an elementary student at O'Rouke. She recently got a computer in her house just to help her in the classroom. She asked me to come tutor her how to do some stuff that will help her get around it easier. She informed me that most of the things students do are now on the computer. She said that sometimes she has to help kindergartners take test on the computer. When I think back to when I was in kindergarten the only electronic we had in the room was a big television and a VCR. At the Mobile County schools most classrooms have a SmartBoard and most of the students can use it better then the teachers. This shows us how things have changed.

The Importance of Creativity
Mr. Robinson talks about how deep educations is to most people. It is so important because it takes us into the future. He talks about how talented kids are but creativity is being taken out of student's education. He told a story of a little girl drawing a picture of God and how her picture is how he really looks. Sometimes kids need to be wrong to learn what is right. Kids are growing up so afraid of being wrong and making mistakes are not good. The most usefully subjects were on top but now the world is changing.
It is amazing how far education has come. Before people dropped out of school to get a job. When my parents growing up just graduating from high school guaranteed them a job. Now a days just having a Bachelors degree is not enough, most jobs require a Masters. I think that we should change how educations is forced on everyone. Some children can not handle college but we should not make them feel like they are not important or not smart. Children are very sensitive therefore I believe we should bring creativity back into the classrooms. We should help children that being wrong or making mistakes is not the end of the world but a way to become better.

A Vision for 21st Century Learning
Our World is different from any before. We learn more and we do things different. Now our Kindergartners are learning how to use computers in class on a daily base. Gaming devices are used instead of going outside and playing. What if we could learn things virtually.We are so use to learning things through the burp back method but what if things could change. Kids learning so much faster with a hands on approach rather then being lectured all day.
So what if the did come up with a virtual way for kids to understand history. What if they could experience being there when The United States was established. What if they can tour over seas without looking at just pictures. History was always my least favorite subject. Talking about old things that had nothing to do with my day and age was always useless to me. If there was a way to making learning about the wars that were fought to change the world, or important dates to remember I would be the first interested. With all the technology out there I believe this is the century that will make that happen.

Harness Your Students' Digital Smart
EDM 310 is such a different class but I feel as it is just as important as some of my main classes. When I first started this class I did not realize what we would be doing. I thought it was going to be a boring read notes and apply them later kind of class. I thought I was doing pretty good with knowing how to use technology but this class has showed me I was not. Yes I have a twitter and Facebook but I only use them to keep up with my friends. I have heard of a Blog and been on a couple of pages but I did not know what it was used for and certainly how to use it.
I believe this class should be required for all college students no matter what major you are in. To be able to take advantage of all the technology we have and will have is important. Like Davis I believe our students should learn how to use the technology young rather then keeping it away. I agree with her that most teachers are trying to keep technology out of schools. If they embrace it and find away to make it useful in there classroom they will see how beneficial it really is.
World of Technology


  1. Hello Magan, I enjoyed reading your blog post 2. I see we pretty much got the same understand when it came to the video about 21st Century Learning. I too believe it is better for children to do more hands on learning. They get to learn as they go instead of learning a lot at one time and having to burp back what has been taught. After reading your blog post Magan, I found several grammatical errors. You may want to go back and correct them because Dr. Strange counts off for that. Good luck in the course and I again I really enjoyed reading your post.

  2. Hey Magan!
    Great post for Blog Post #2! Be sure to always edit for errors! Keep up the good work.

  3. Hello Morgan!
    I really enjoyed reading your blog post 2.I was the same way as you.Before this class I did not use a blog either.I also completely agree that all students should have to take this course. Technology is used in ever job these days.Make sure you proof read your post before you publish. I found a few editing errors. I hope you have a great semester.